Southern Chinch Bugs

Is Your Lawn Beginning to Look Lifeless?

Is Your Lawn Beginning to Look Lifeless?

Our lawn pest control services can revive your lawn in Lakeland and Wesley Chapel, FL

If you actively care for your lawn, it can be very frustrating to watch its color fade to a pale yellow. Luckily, the experts at All Pest Off have some answers.

Our 25 years of experience has shown us a variety of pests, so we know the culprit typically responsible for your yellow grass isn't a drought. It's chinch bugs. They're difficult to understand and even more difficult to control.

That's why you should let All Pest Off deal with your chinch bug control or any lawn pest control you may need. Contact us today to receive an estimate.

What are Southern chinch bugs?

If you have yellow grass and don’t know why, you probably have a chinch bug infestation. Southern chinch bugs can affect your lawn by:

  • Sucking grass blades dry
  • Injecting grass blades with poison
  • Killing your lawn

Southern chinch bugs sound like a nightmare and make your grass look like one. Need general lawn pest control? Contact us today to arrange for a chinch bug control appointment.